During your pet’s annual wellness exam, we will evaluate their teeth and gums to determine if they need a professional cleaning or if dental care can be managed at home.

What is the difference between a professional cleaning and home dental care?

A Professional Cleaning

For the safety of your pet and to ensure thorough cleaning, a professional cleaning is performed under anesthesia. Anesthesia sounds scary for most pet owners, but rest assured we take every precaution necessary to minimize anesthetic risks. This includes pre-anesthetic blood work to check for any underlying abnormalities.

Home Dental Care

Once your pet has had a professional cleaning, you will be able to help maintain their dental health at home. Just like humans, plaque can start developing on your pets’ teeth just hours after cleaning. By brushing your pets’ teeth several times per week, you can prolong the time in between professional cleanings. You can also provide them with tartar control chews and bones to help prevent tartar buildup.